Welcome!  Cease the Grease of Puerto Rico, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to introduce the people of Puerto Rico to our new recycling service for used cooking oil.  Our company offers professional collection service to  commercial food service establishments, condominiums and residential communities.  What sets our service apart from other oil collection services on the island is we are a nonprofit company and all excess revenue earned from our commercial operations are used to promote a social movement to protect Puerto Rico’s rivers, estuaries and ocean from the harmful effects that are caused when fats, oils and greases get into the sanitary sewer system.  By working together, our efforts can reduce the amount of sanitary sewer overflows in Puerto Rico and improve the water quality in and around the island. Join the movement!

Puerto Rico

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​Our 10 question survey about how you use and dispose cooking oil in your home will help us identify the need for new collection sites.  Support the movement - take our survey now!